Marvin Cidamon

I'm a copywriter, and I also do other things. I specialize in marketing content, SEO optimization, and memes. I’ve worked for various industries, including medical, software, technology, and lifestyle brands. As a professional writer for over a decade, you can name any topic and I’ve probably written about it.

Deep Freeze Cloud Sync

Finding the right data management solution can be a costly endeavor, especially when dealing with a multi-user computer environment. Locally maintaining profiles, files servers and backups might not be the most efficient or cost-effective solution for your enterprise. One way companies are simplifying operations and cutting costs is by moving their files to a cloud-based storage provider. Find out the results in this recent white paper.

Smith & Nephew, Arthrex and DePuy Mitek Lead Europe Market

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a new series of reports on the Europe market for orthopedic soft tissue repair by iData Research (, the changing European population demographics is the main driver of growth for the market. As more of the baby boomer generation reaches retirement, their need for soft tissue arthroscopic surgery increases.

Set Restore on Reboot Protocols to Reduce Computer Downtime

In any network environment, most IT administrators spend a majority of their time responding to basic computer issues. These problems can range from blue screens to software issues or system slowdowns. Generally, time is taken to troubleshoot the problems before taking the necessary actions to solve the issues. However, the time and resources it takes to resolve these issues can result in a significant backlog of IT tickets.

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